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Weddings, Vow renewals and blessings


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Turkish locations

































Weddings By Kate Ltd has established firm and trusting relationships with wedding venues throughout Bodrum, Kusadasi, and Altinkum resorts.


All our wedding venues have been hand picked to ensure they cater to the specific needs of our British and Irish couples


Each venue owning both beautiful and unique wedding options to suit all tastes and budgets.


Bodrum boasts charming seaside locations and historical backdrops, while Kusadasi’s scenic beaches and vibrant atmosphere create a romantic setting.


Altinkum, known for its golden beaches, provides a more laid-back option.

All three destinations offer a mix of cultural richness and natural beauty, making them ideal for memorable weddings with a touch of Mediterranean charm.

In Bodrum, Kusadasi, and Altinkum, you’ll find a variety of wedding venues catering to different preferences.



Options include:

 Beachfront Resorts: Idyllic settings with sandy shores and stunning sea views, perfect for a romantic ceremony.


Historical Sites: Ancient ruins and historical landmarks can provide a unique and culturally rich backdrop for a memorable wedding.


Luxury Hotels: Upscale resorts and hotels offer elegant ballrooms, gardens, and terraces for a sophisticated celebration.


Private Villas: Renting a private villa can provide an intimate and personalized setting for both the ceremony and reception.


Yacht Weddings: Enjoy a nautical theme by exchanging vows aboard a yacht, cruising along the beautiful Aegean or Mediterranean coast.


Traditional Turkish Settings: Embrace local culture with weddings in Turkish-style venues, featuring traditional architecture and décor.


Gardens and Olive Groves: The lush greenery of gardens or olive groves offers a natural and serene environment for a romantic celebration.


Cliff side Venues: Overlooking the sea, cliff side locations provide breathtaking views and a sense of exclusivity.




Whether couples prefer a beach ceremony, a historic ambiance, or a luxurious reception, these destinations offer diverse options to suit various tastes and ensure that Weddings By Kate Ltd can create unforgettable wedding experiences.

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